windows to sky radio

This station only broadcasts when there is a specific showtime/event. Check the Performances page on for upcoming events.

For stereo radio listening, choose a stream below:
  listen at 160kbps (excellent quality)
  listen at 48kbps (low quality, for slow connections)
  listen at 96kbps (medium - try this if the others aren't working)

Alternate server, in case of trouble with the normal server ~ try this:
  listen at 160kbps (excellent quality)

Sign up for our announcement list, bottom left. It won't interrupt the music or the chat.

if the links don't work, try these, or copy and paste them into the 'location' or 'open url' of your favorite streaming player, like winamp, itunes, windows media player, resco radio, pocket tunes, your iphone, etc. (low quality, for slow connections) (medium - try this if the others aren't working) (high quality, alternate server, supports only a few users)

Windows Media Player hint: click Start (and choose Run if you're using XP or below), type 'wmplayer', then when it opens, press Ctrl+U and paste your listen link above. but winamp works better.